Episode 005 — “Chris Gets Fired And Christopher Loves Centerpieces”

Wel­come to Episode 004 — “Chris Gets Fired And Christo­pher Loves Cen­ter­pieces” — Short­ened URL:

We apol­o­gize for some rough/loud audio patches. There was a bit of dust on the record­ing equip­ment from lack of use. We’ll do bet­ter next time — promise!

In this episode we catch up after a long hia­tus from record­ing and find that Chris and Christo­pher are a lit­tle rusty in the ways of the pod­cast. But we did man­age to chat a bit about the Euro­pean tour wrap­ping up, the North Amer­i­can tour kick­ing off, Christopher’s plans to attend a con­cert, U2’s appear­ance on Sat­ur­day Night Live and Gavin Friday’s birth­day bash (that’s the sec­tion to lis­ten for the sound of Chris get­ting fired — it’s Gavin’s 50th birth­day nat­u­rally).

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Show Notes:

Hello? Anybody there?

It’s been a few months since our last broad­cast and for those faith­ful few still hold­ing out hope for another pod­cast episode, we want to let you know that we’re get­ting the band (Editor’s note: Band??? ) back together shortly to record another episode.

Besides the obvi­ous news of the tour hit­ting North Amer­ica, any other top­ics you’d like to hear discussed?

And we apol­o­gize for hav­ing TWO “we’re sorry we haven’t posted in awhile” posts in a row. That’s prob­a­bly grounds for blog dele­tion in most arenas.